Rootin'est Tootin'est Shootin'est FurCon North, South, East & West o' th' Pecos!

ZonieCon: furry con based in Tucson, AZ.
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ZonieCon's the Rootin'est, Tootin'est, Shootin'est FurCon North, South, East & West o' th' Pecos!
ZonieCon was one of the first regional "furry" conventions, starting in the late '90s and running for four outings. While it never achieved a large turnout or financial success, it was known for events and occurrences considered unusual even for a furrycon.

One such event was "Art Spelunking", where furries armed with lanterns and paint would take over a section of storm drain and apply their own peculiar form of graffiti. Another was the "Machinegun Shoot", where the same people armed with a variety of high-powered firearms would take over part of the Arizona desert and apply very specific forms of lead to a variety of interesting targets such as computers, Backstreet Boys posters, and Barney the Dinosaur.

We also included more free food than any other convention (that we know of), with such events as the "Meat Meet", "Wolf Smith's Ice Cream Anti-Social", and of course a well-stocked ConSuite layout. ZonieCon never charged anything extra for these events and services (though be advised that this time out, there will be a hotel-run burger stand on-site, and all food events by ZonieCon will have to take place off-site).

I guess absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, because we are literally back by popular demand after ten long years away! Some folks just really wanted another ZonieCon, and bellied up to help us kick off another run.

Who knows...if it works out this time, we might be here to stay!


Scott Malcomson